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Outrage: Outrage is a film entirely comfortable with itself, extremely pleased to be delivering yakuza violence to the big screen in almost every scene. It's not big on plot, building character, or telling a compelling story, but it is big on chopped-off fingers, punched faces, and the occasional involuntary dental work. The film is darkly comical, though it's hard to determine how much of that is intentional. But hey, let's all give a big "kampai" to knowing your strengths and playing to them early and often.

Released: May 17, 2010

Genres: Crime Drama

Actors: Fumiyo Kohinata Jun Kunimura Kippei Shiina Naoko Watanabe Renji Ishibashi Ryo Kase Sôichirô Kitamura Takashi Tsukamoto Takeshi Kitano Tetta Sugimoto Tomokazu Miura