The Knackery: Set in the very near future, The Knackery is the latest hard hitting feature film from Belfast’s leading independent production house, Yellow Fever Productions (makers of the award winning Battle Of The Bone). All is not as it seems on the country’s most watched family game-show… Reality television has taken things to the extreme and given the public, The Knackery, a show where six contestants fight for the grand prize of ‘one million pounds’. To liven things up, the producers of the show release a horde of genetically modified zombies which puts a little bit more pressure on the fighters, in this Big Brother style beat-em-up. As an undercover reporter tries to scoop the story he’s been waiting for, he soon comes across a kid who has entered the arena unaware of the consequences. Seeing this as another excuse for higher ratings, the shows producers announce their new contestant as they witness the fighting skills of the youngster against others – but as the fighters get killed off, things take a turn for the worse leaving the reporter and kid to team up against some very tough opponents… human and not-so-human. Six contestants… One million quid… And a sh*t load of zombies!