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Human Zoo: In Marseille, the young Serbian-Albanian Adria Shala is an illegal immigrant traumatized by her past. Every now and then Adria recalls her life in Kosovo, when she was saved from rape by a deserter called Srdjan Vasiljevic in 1999. They move to Belgrade where Srdjan becomes a gangster, dealing weapons and becoming an assassin. Adria learns how to shoot and helps Srdjan with his work at first, becoming his mistress later.

Released: February 05, 2009

Genres: Drama

Actors: Branislav Lecic Cyril Raffaelli Elizabeta Djorevska Hiam Abbass Milos Timotijevic Nikola Djuricko Rastko Jankovic Saïd Amadis Vojin Cetkovic